Flowers to Brighten Your Shady Spots

Some gardeners think of a shaded garden as a problem area, since it is a poor location for some popular plants such as roses, peonies, and many annuals. There are, however, many flowers that will grow quite beautifully in shady areas. So consider planting some of these to brighten your yard:

  • Astilbe (purple, rose, or white blooms)
  • Columbine (pink, purple, blue, white)
  • Common bleeding heart (pink, red, white)
  • Forget-me-not (blue, pink, white) Foxglove (purple, pink, white)
  • Impatiens (orange, pink, red, purple, white)
  • Pansy (wide variety of solid colors and bicolors)
  • Periwinkle (vinca minor) (blue, burgundy, white)
  • Plantain lily (hosta) (lavender)
  • Polyanthus primrose (pink, red, purple, yellow, white)
  • Serbian bellflower (campanula) (blue, violet, white)
  • Sweet violet (purple, white)
  • Trillium (white, maroon)
  • Waxleaf begonia (pink, red, white)

Keep in mind that there are various types and degrees of shade, though generally an area is considered shady if it receives less than 6 hours of direct sunlight daily. Dappled or filtered shade, like that coming through lattice or an open-structured tree, is the lightest. Dense shade, like that under a heavy canopy of foliage or in the sheltered space between buildings, is the heaviest. Check the plant label or consult your local garden center to be sure you’re putting the right plant in the right place.

In all types of shade, see that the plants receive regular watering and feeding.