Fill In With Heat-Tolerant Annuals

When pansies and other spring annuals start to fade in warmer weather, it’s easy to add more color wherever you want it in your beds, borders, and containers. Plant summer annuals now to replace fading plants or fill in bare areas.

Summer annuals offer an almost endless menu of colors, heights, and growing habits for both sun and shade. It’s hard to go wrong with zinnias, marigolds, impatiens, sunflowers, and other traditional favorites—but check a reference like All About Annuals to pick out the plants that will best fit your needs. There may be some that you’re not familiar with, such as nicotiana (flowering tobacco) or nemesia, that will surprise you with especially beautiful blooms!

These annuals are good for summer plantings because they are especially heat- and drought-tolerant:

  • Calliopsis
  • Creeping zinnia
  • Gloriosa daisy
  • Madagascar periwinkle
  • Mexican sunflower
  • Rose moss
  • Sage
  • Snow-on-the-mountain
  • Zinnia

Whichever varieties you choose, plant them at the depth and spacing indicated on the plant tags, working organic materials into the bed or mixing with native soil to fill the planting holes. You may mix individual soil amendments or use pre-mixed garden soil for flowers & vegetables. This convenient product replaces do-it-yourself mixtures of top soil, peat, and manure to help take the guesswork out of gardening – and it works equally well for planting all types of annual and perennial flowers.

Water your new annuals immediately after planting and give them a healthy start by feeding with plant food. Mixed with water, Quick Start helps prevent transplant shock and promotes root growth. Continue to keep the plants well watered, but not flooded, until they get established. Continue feeding regularly with water-soluble plant food, and your annuals will reward you with steady growth and colorful blooms you can enjoy all summer long!