Ground Covers that Tolerate Deep Shade

Only a few plants—ground covers or others—thrive in deep shade. Those listed here are particularly well suited to shady areas. Most do not have showy blooms; they are attractive for their foliage.

Common Name Botanical Name
Barrenwort Epimedium
Cast-iron plant Aspidistra elatior
English ivy Hedera helix
Five-finger fern Adiantum pedatum
Holly fern Cyrtomium
Japanese honeysuckle Lonicera japonica
Japanese painted fern Athyrium niponicum
Lily-of-the-valley Convallaria majalis
Purpleleaf wintercreeper Euonymus fortunei ‘Colorata’
Sweet woodruff Galium odoratum
Wild ginger Asarum
Wood fern Dryopteris