Top ten gifts for gardeners

Chances are, you have a friend or family member that would appreciate a gardening gift this year…or maybe you’re still making your own “wish list” and can use some ideas. Either way, here are some suggestions for gifts that would be appreciated by expert and novice gardeners alike:

  1. Pruners – Gardeners are always wearing out or misplacing their pruners, and they can always use another. A good pruner is always appreciated.
  2. Trowel – A well-made trowel with a sturdy handle and blade is another tool that’s always needed. Gardeners with arthritis will especially appreciate one of the new trowels with an ergonomically designed handle.
  3. Yard cart – For hauling dirt, rocks, mulch, tree trimmings, firewood, or whatever, a lawn and garden cart is a great time- and back-saver. The YardAll cart holds 200 pounds and has an extra-long, two-position handle to enable pushing or pulling.
  4. Gardening gloves – Starting the year with a new pair of work gloves is a great feeling for any gardener, and you can never have too many. Consider giving two pair: leather for heavy work, and cloth for lighter chores.
  5. Gardeners’ soaps and lotions – There are many products available to help cleanse and protect a gardener’s hands, including many specialized items such as poison-ivy soap.
  6. Journal and camera – An opportunity to start the year with a blank book to record the weather, planting and blooming times, and other garden observations. An instant camera – or even a pocket-size disposable – will be a thoughtful gift to provide a visual record of the garden.
  7. Garden Feeder – A gift that any gardener can use. Saves time and produces bigger, better flowers and vegetables by feeding and watering at the same time.
  8. Tool holder/carryall – Many variations are available to hold gardening tools and help carry them around the yard, from tool belts to carts. One of the neatest we’ve seen is a canvas tool carrier that circles an ordinary bucket, providing an easy way to keep your tools with you while weeding or pruning.
  9. Gardening books – Dozens of new ones are published every year, so your garden center or the Gardening section of your bookstore will have plenty for you to choose from. The  “All About” books are especially good because they offer basic “how-to” instructions as well as a permanent reference on specific plant varieties. “All About” titles range from Annuals to Evergreens to Vegetables, each containing great information and full-color photographs.
  10. Adirondack chair – At the end of the day, the weary gardener needs a comfortable place to rest and enjoy the beauty of his or her surroundings. A classic Adirondack chair is right at home in the garden, under a tree, or on a deck or porch. Offered in a variety of wood and man-made materials, with matching accessories such as tables and footrests available as well.