Garden Tools & Gifts

Get top quality, fine garden tools and supplies for yourself or as the perfect gift for the gardener in your life.

The right garden tools and supplies are essential for making the most of your time in the garden. There are dozens of garden tools to make the job easier and faster so that you have more time to enjoy your yard. The right garden tool makes the job fun! Many brands and types are available, but the most important thing is choosing the right gardening tool for the job.

Start with just the basics in tools

Make sure you have an excellent set of garden pruners. These are a must for keeping your garden trim and looking beautiful. But don’t try to use a little pruner no matter how good the quality, for attacking a big tree. As well, your arms will only get tired if you are using a big pair of loppers for little shrubs.

Knee pads are a wonderful addition to your gardening tool collection; they really save your knees and pant legs! Be sure to choose the right shovel as well. Your job will get done in half the time if you have a good edging spade and transplanting shovel rather than trying to make do with one generic digging shovel. When gathering your garden tools, don’t forget a good rake, sprinkler, shears, proper limb saws, gardening gloves and a good broom (not the kitchen reject)

Looking for that special gift for your gardener?

Any of these items make great gardening gifts and are guaranteed to be a most welcome present to the green thumb in your life. Consider some of the following ideas for garden gift giving:

Pruners, Shears, Hand Spades, Garden gloves, Transplanting shovels, Knee pads, Tree limb saws, Outdoor brooms, Garden carts, Potting benches, Seeds and plants, Sprinklers, Composters