Gifts for gardeners

Gardening provides a worthwhile way to spend one’s time, but it’s also a great way for you to spend money … on great gifts for the gardener in your life!

As the holidays approach, remember that your special someone might secretly be hoping to receive a nifty gardening accessory. Gardeners can always use something new!

And nowadays, there are many non-tool garden gift categories that can make your gardeners hobby more fun, and their garden more inviting.

So, assuming your gardener has all the tools they need, here are some accessories they might love to have!

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 For the Birds

A backyard can easily be turned into a welcoming habitat for many species of birds. All you need to do is feed ’em, bathe ’em and give ’em a home for the night!

  • A birdbath is a favorite bird haven, and many, many styles are available. The splashing birds provide entertainment and interest, too.
  • If an aquarium helps people relax indoors, then the same must be true for an outdoor bird feeder. There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you fill a feeder and watch the birds feast, especially on a cold winter day. The better models are squirrel proof, too.
  • Finally, a birdhouse provides a home for certain birds and a backyard attraction for all.

 Garden markers and adornments

Hip gardeners are moving away from magic markers and sticks to identify and support their garden plants.Weatherproof garden markers and more decorative planting stakes can be used year after year to identify or tie-up flowers and herbs. features “Planter pets.” These are tall ornamental stakes featuring wildlife subjects like frogs or turtles.

  • Garden plaques are more popular. These unique garden enhancements give a garden an identity all its own (a favorite is “Welcome to my Garden”).
  • Stepping-stones add a stylish, welcoming touch to a garden walkway, and can also be used as decorative wall plaques. Today’s poly-resin materials are very lightweight, for easy installation and decorative durability.

Mood setters

  • A set of wind chimes is a gift with class. And it’s best to go with a larger chime to account for backyard noise and varying wind patterns. ( even lets you give a listen before you order!)
  • Lanterns or torches add a soft glow of romance and mystery to nighttime surroundings, and make the night worth waiting for.

For convenient plant care

  • A portable watering cart is a hot gardening accessory. A tank can hold 3 or more gallons, and moves easily between the garden rows. No more wrestling with clumsy hoses!
  • A quality potting bench is an “ultimate” gift for someone who does lots of repotting. A potting bench will hold all potting accessories, and provide a convenient, ample work surface.
  • Planters do more than hold flowers. They can be attractive conversation pieces too. Some planters feature garden critters, or you can go more conservative with an English-style box planter.
  • Tool carts are handy and convenient way to move supplies from one location to another. Eliminate juggling multiple items around the yard!

For gadget freaks

Weather monitoring has come a long way from the basic mercury thermometer. With digital technology, anyone can have their own “weather station.” One model we looked at included a self-emptying rain gauge, outdoor temperature/humidity sensor; anemometer for monitoring wind speed and direction; plus a digital clock/calendar/alarm.