Create a Spectacular Container Garden

What you’ll need

  • Container
  • Shovel

step 1: Picking the Right Container

For a truly innovative choice in containers, look for Miracle-Gro Authentic Terra Lite pots. A blend of high-quality resins and natural clay, these pots are lightweight, breathable and unbreakable. Unlike other containers, Authentic Terra Lite pottery absorbs moisture to prevent over-watering and allows roots to take in air. Be sure the container you choose has a drain hole and is at least 6-8″ inches deep. Keep in mind that smaller containers will need more maintenance because the soil will dry out faster. A larger and deeper container holds more soil and will need less watering and feeding.

step 2: Choosing Plants with Contrasting Heights: Tall, Medium and Trailing

As you select plants for your container gardens, think about each plant’s mature height. Choose a combination of plants with three contrasting heights to create a design with beautiful harmony and proportion. The three heights you should look for are: Tall, Medium, and Trailing. Tall plants will grow taller than 16″ high and Medium plants will be 8-16″ inches high. Be sure to choose plants with similar light requirements for best results. The height and sun exposure are highlighted on the front of the plant tags.

step 3: Arranging Your Plants

Group the pots together, trying different arrangements before planting. For best results, place the tall plants in the center or back of the container. Surround these with medium and trailing plants, alternating them as you move around the pot. This combination of plants will give you a harmonious design.

step 4: Planting Your Container Garden

Get your plants off to the best start possible by planting them in potting mix, a premium blend of rich organic materials enriched with Miracle-Gro Plant Food. Fill your containers ¾ full with Miracle-Gro Potting Mix. Unpot your nursery plants and set them in the soil at the same depth they were growing before. Fill in between the plants with more potting mix and water thoroughly.

step 5: Caring for Your Container Garden

Water your containers regularly, especially on hot days. Even if you’ve used Miracle-Gro Potting Mix, keep the nutrition coming with Miracle-Gro Plant Food. Feed every 7 to 14 days to give your flowers and plants the nourishment they need to perform better, grow vigorously, and bloom profusely. Trim off any long stems and remove faded blooms to encourage new growth and keep your container garden going all season long.