Planting a Patriotic Container Garden

What you’ll need

  • Container
  • Drill
  • Trowel

step 1: Select a Container and Plants

There are many options for planting flowers in containers. Baskets, ceramic pots, aluminum pails – you can select any container you’d like. The key is to select a container that has drainage holes and is large enough to allow the plants space to grow.

You can use any of your favorite annuals for this project, as long as they are red, white and blue. We recommend using healthy, quality annuals like premium plants. Fed from the start with plant food, these plants provide spectacular garden performance, with big, beautiful blooms and bold colors.

Additionally, when selecting your plants, be sure all have similar light and water requirements. Mixing shade and sun flowers will leave you with a floral display where half of the flowers struggle once the weather becomes hot and dry.

We used the following plants for our container garden:

  • New Guinea Impatiens (Red)
  • Lobelia (Blue)
  • Mini Flowered Impatiens (White)

step 2: Ensure Proper Drainage

Some pots on the market don’t have holes in the bottom of them. The holes are important in order for the soil to properly drain. Drill approximately ¼-inch holes in containers if needed; don’t make holes too large or the soil will fall through them.

step 3: Add Potting Mix

Next, fill your planter about ⅓ full with moisture control potting mix. This premium potting soil not only helps with drainage, but it also contains AquaCoir, a unique ingredient that holds more moisture longer than ordinary potting soil.  Moisture control potting mix is particularly important for hot, dry weather, which is fast approaching. Remember, when you’re planting your pot, do not place gravel in the bottom to help with drainage, as drainage is a function of the potting soil. Also, never use soil from an outdoor garden because it doesn’t contain the ingredients container plants need to thrive.

step 4: Planting Annuals

Now it is time to add your annuals to the planter. These should be watered thoroughly before putting them into the soil. After watering, place your annuals in the pot and fill in the areas around them with soil. Leave about an inch of space at the top of the pot, which helps with watering. Upon completion, keep the pot out of direct sunlight for the first few days.

step 5: Caring for Your Container Garden

Now the hard work is done. You can enjoy your new planter! Check your new container garden to see that the soil has enough moisture – how to check soil moisture. If you used  moisture control potting mix, after 30 days, we recommend following up with a regular feeding schedule.