Potted perennials keep color in your yard

Container gardens are an excellent way for warm-climate gardeners to keep some colorful flowers in the yard during the fall and winter months. By potting perennials in containers of varied sizes and shapes, you can create an interesting garden area almost anywhere – even on a patio, deck, or walk. If cold weather is predicted, you can take your containers to a protected area temporarily.

Plants grown as perennials in warm climates that you might consider for containers to add late-season color include:

  • African lily
  • Canna
  • Garden mum
  • Gaura
  • Hardy begonia
  • Lantana
  • Lavender
  • Pansy
  • Pentas
  • Salvia
  • Tickseed
  • Vinca

Tips for creating your late-season container garden:

  1. Make sure your containers have drainage holes in the bottom; drill holes if necessary. If reusing old pots, clean them with a mild solution of bleach and water.
  2. Plant your perennials with potting mix, which provides an ideal growing environment plus nutrients from  plant food that’s incorporated in the mix. Never use soil from an outdoor garden.
  3. In larger containers, fill in around the perennials with herbs or annuals.
  4. Water thoroughly, but don’t flood the container.

Follow a regular schedule for watering and feeding your potted perennials with all purpose plant food, and they will be happy in your container garden for months. When they eventually outgrow their pots, simply replant them in your flowerbeds.