When and how to plant tulip bulbs

When to plant tulips?

As a rule, terms of bulbs planting are determined by the peculiarities of their growing space. It is known that rooting requires reduced soil temperature (41-45 °).

Roots of tulips grow well when soil temperature is 43-50 °. Higher temperature is harmful to them, and at 38 ° heat the bulbs do not root. Thus, it is impractical to plant tulips later second half of November: plants are easier to disease, and late with flowering in the spring. Prior to soil freezing (November-December) follicles are developing powerful root system, which ensures their successful overwintering.

Bulbs can be planted in late September. The optimal period is from October 1 to 15. Earlier planting is not recommended, since the lingering autumn bulbs often germinate. However, they should be well rooted before the cold weather, so planting should be completed in 3 – 4 weeks before the frost. Development of tulips roots requires 30-45 days. Well entrenched the bulbs stems easily tolerate adverse winter without additional shelters, poorly rooted require special winter shelter.

Where to plant tulips?

The most suitable places for tulips planting are well-lit areas, protected from strong winds. If a strong shade, the plants are pulled, stems become thin and brittle, while bulbs are shrinking. In general, they are quite unpretentious.

How to plant tulips?

The optimal width of garden beds is about 60-90 inches. Before planting, make transverse grooves there at a distance of 25-30 inches for large bulbs and 10-15 inches for small ones. The planting depth is about 10-15 inches for large bulbs and 5-7 inches for small, but each case depends on the soil composition. Each groove should be watered with hot water with potassium permanganate for disease prevention, before planting. Then gently place the bulbs there, pushing slightly into the soil; large – at a distance of 10 to 15 inches apart, small at smaller space. And one more tip. If the soil is very heavy and prone to stagnation of water, at the bottom of the grooves you should fill a large washed sand layer at least in 3 inches. This will create a kind of drainage and prevent waterlogging of the bulbs. Then, using rakes smooth out the ground surface. In case of dry autumn weather after 7-10 days after planting you will need to water ground beds, in order bulbs could develop a good root system.

With the onset of sustained cold weather and the beginning of soil freezing, decompose the surface of tulip beds with special compost or peat layer of 5-7 inches.

What does it give?

  • 1. Mulch will prevent cracking soil with temperature fluctuations in the winter and early spring.
  • 2. The temperature inside the soil will be more smooth.
  • 3. Topsoil will remain loose, well aired and moisture inside the whole root system.
  • 4. Mulch will also help to prevent numerous weeds in the spring.

It is recommended to plant tulips at the same place after 5 years.