How to store tulip bulbs

Dug bulbs should be prepackaged in boxes or other containers with a thin layer, in order to ensure their good ventilation. Then, they should be placed in the dry, well-ventilated area, where they are periodically inspected to remove diseased or suspicious bulbs. The dried bulbs are cleaned of old scales, roots and earth. The whole nests are separated into bulbs. If the bulbs digging has been hold in wet weather, they are usually washed off the dirt under running water, and then laid out in boxes in a single layer to dry.

Storage temperature

Flower buds are formed in the first month after digging, at this time the average temperature for most varieties +73-77° degrees, for fringed ones experts recommend +77-81° degrees. Subsequently, it will be enough +65-68° degrees for planting. Heat from +86° degrees and above inhibits the growth of bulbs, the flower buds are broken, the bulbs are dehydrated. In this case, store them in cooler conditions.

Humidity and illumination

Optimal humidity of the storage area should be within 60 – 70%. Illumination should be as low, as possible. You know that usually, bulbs spend their rest period in the soil in complete darkness. If you bring even a weak scattered light, the physiological processes in the bulbs will be broken.