Stop Weeds All Around Your Yard

Even the most beautifully landscaped yard can be ruined by unsightly weeds sprouting everywhere. They not only spoil the appearance of your landscaping, but they steal nutrients and moisture from your garden plants. If left unchecked, weeds and unwanted grasses will quickly spread to become an even bigger problem.

Most weeds in non-lawn areas can be controlled by pulling them or cutting them out with a hoe, but these methods are time-consuming and often result in the weeds growing back. It’s faster, easier, and more efficient to control weeds and unwanted grasses in non-lawn areas by spraying them with  weed  killer .

Use weed killer to clean up flower beds, vegetable gardens, mulched tree rings, fence lines, sidewalks, paths, driveways, and patios – wherever weeds and grasses sprout outside the lawn. Because it’s a non-selective weed control, Roundup  kills both broadleaf weeds and unwanted grasses.

Roundup  starts killing unwanted grasses and weeds on contact, and weeds absorb it so quickly that your application is rainproof in just 10 minutes. And because Roundup kills the roots the first time, every time, you’ll never need to spray the same weed twice.

To kill existing weeds and prevent new ones from growing in treated areas, use weed killer  It thoroughly kills existing weeds and unwanted grasses while laying down an invisible barrier to stop new ones for up to 3 months. Use Roundup Extended Control on patios, driveways, walks, mulched beds, and other non-lawn areas. It won’t harm surrounding established plants, trees, or shrubs.

Or, use grass & weed Killer. One application kills and prevents weeds for an entire season.

Another method to have a beautiful garden without weeds is to prevent them before they germinate. Weed preventer stops weeds before they start, and it provides up to 3 months of weed prevention around listed flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, and groundcovers.

To kill weeds in the lawn, a selective weed control product must be used. Weed killer for lawns will kill the weeds and not the lawn.