Keep Walks Weed-Free This Summer

One way to keep your property looking neat and tidy in the summer is to keep the weeds and grass out of your sidewalks, patio, driveway, and garden walkways.

Whether the area is pavement, gravel, or mulch-covered, certain pesky plants seem to find a way to pop up through a crack or between the pieces. Some are broadleaf weeds and some are grasses (dandelions, spurge, and crabgrass are common culprits), so the best method to eliminate them all is to use a non-selective product. Simply pulling weeds won’t work — unless you actually kill the root, the weeds will just grow back.

If you want to clear weeds from soil in an area that you’ll be replanting sometime this season, use grass killer. It gives fast results, and you can plant ornamental shrubs, trees, and flowers one day after application.

When using either of these products, be sure to follow the label directions and spot-spray each weed completely, but not so heavily that the product drips off the leaves.

When spot-treating a weed growing close to a desirable plant, shield the plant from spray particles with a large piece of cardboard.