Selecting Houseplants

What plants should you choose? First, let common sense be your guide. If you live in a very small home, you probably don’t have room for a big palm tree, but a dwarf citrus provides beautiful shiny leaves, fragrant white flowers and small oranges while taking up little space. If your house doesn’t get much light, you may still be able to grow a healthy philodendron. If you see a plant you like in someone’s home, ask about the name of the plant and its growing requirements. Visit your local nursery or garden center. Florists also sell houseplants and are very knowledgeable about their requirements.

If you think you don’t have a place for plants, look around a little bit. Sometimes the top of the refrigerator, bookcase, or piano, or the corner of a bathroom is just the right spot for a plant.

Houseplants don’t have to be only green. African violets, cyclamen, poinsettias and azaleas are but a few of the plants that provide color during the dreary winter and early spring months. The leaves of the coleus plant are glorious shades of reddish pink year-round. And some spring bulbs can be forced to bloom indoors from December through February.

Only your imagination limits the variety of houseplants you can enjoy. Since you control the environment, you can choose almost anything to grow indoors. As long as you provide the plant with the moisture, potting soil, plant food and light it requires, you should be successful with virtually any houseplant.