Garden Statuary

Garden statuary doesn’t just mean a formal classic garden statue! Decorating your outdoor living area using garden statuary today means using any type of garden embellishment from an antique collectible table to a piece of driftwood to express your own personal style just as you would inside your home.

Whatever springs to mind when you think of garden statues, using outdoor art objects to decorate and embellish your garden is a delightful way to personalize your outdoor living area as well as charm visitors to your yard.

You may choose an eclectic collection of old china plates that can be displayed on a fence, or an old rusted metal child’s toy like a wagon, featured in a special spot. There are no rules for choosing your own personal garden statuary. Whimsical objects of iron, tin, wood and stone are all delightful expressions of your own personal style when you tuck them into secret areas of your garden.

Visitors love to discover

One of my favorite pieces of garden statuary is a hidden mirror that my visitors discover when they enter my grape arbor. Mounted on the side of the arbor, I wait for the surprised exclamation when they disappear into the leaves only to discover their own reflection!

You can search yard sales and flea markets for all kinds of interesting garden decor objects. Even something you might never consider allowing inside your house becomes a fascinating outdoor focal point when you place it into your backyard! Unique stepping stones, gazing globes, armillarys, weather vanes, flags or windchimes, whatever strikes you as a interesting object is the right object when adding garden statuary to your backyard.