Wind Chimes

Wind chimes provide the finishing touch to your garden. The gentle music produced by the windchimes brings a peaceful, calm atmosphere to your outdoor rooms – guaranteed to reduce your stress level! There are literally hundreds of different types of wind chimes available, and they all have their own unique type of sound.

Differences in quality will make a big difference in the sound a windchime produces. Beware of decorative chimes that are made from things like shells, beads or solid pieces of metal which don’t produce music at all, but just make an irritating clacking sound when the breeze stirs. They can look attractive but you will be disappointed with the resulting sound produced.

Beware of decorative Wind Chimes

Some of the most satisfying wind chimes to listen to are those made from hollow tubes of metal, usually copper or aluminum. These look lovely but they also produce a rich, sonorous tone with differences in pitch determined by the length and diameter of the tubing. The longer the tube, the deeper the tone.

Make sure the striker, or piece of wood that hangs in the middle, is of a good quality hard wood as well. This not only improves the tone but will withstand the elements if you are hanging your wind chime outdoors.

The best advice is to invest in the very best windchimes that you can afford. That way you will avoid a “tinny” or “harsh” sounding chime which turns out to be more of an annoyance to you as well as your neighbors! If properly cared for (bring inside during the winter!) good windchimes will last many years and you will enjoy a backdrop of soothing melodic tones throughout your garden.