Designing Annual Gardens

Using Annuals with Other Plants

The main reason to grow annuals in a bed by themselves is that the entire bed can be dug up and replanted once or twice a year. The presence of perennial plants makes this task more difficult. However, combination beds have their appeal, and annuals can be tucked into almost any sort of bed for […]
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Designing Annual Beds and Borders

As long as there have been gardens the key elements in garden design have been beds and borders. What are they, and how do they differ? Simply put, a bed is a cultivated area surrounded by an open expanse, usually a grass lawn. A bed is accessible from all sides. A border, on the other […]
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Annuals as Fillers and Screens

There are many situations, especially in the making of new landscapes, where nothing can fill the bill quite like annuals. If you’ve moved into a new house and just finished the initial landscaping, the garden is liable to look a little bare for the first year or two. In this case, annuals are indispensable. For […]
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