What can I do to keep the rabbits from eating my plants?

There are a number of animal repellent sprays that would help deter rabbits from eating the flowers, and some gardeners swear by fox urine. Fencing can be effective. A 1-inch chicken wire fence needs to be 2 feet high and buried at least 6 inches deep around your flowers. Consider also interplanting your flowers with garlic, onions, Mexican marigold or Dusty Miller. Bunnies tend not to like their aroma. Also, you can make your own animal repellent mixture by mixing a few teaspoons of cayenne pepper and a dash of soap in a quart of water. Spray on the plants you want to protect. Once the growth is a few weeks old, the rabbits shouldn’t be interested anymore. Sprinkling blood meal, ground hot peppers, or human or dog hair around plants is also sometimes effective.