Trends in the Garden – The color of your garden world

Go with the trends, or suit yourself!

Color is a subjective thing. What works for you might not work for someone else. So there are two ways to paint your garden for 2017: go with the current trends or go your own way.

Sources say yellow, chartreuse, orange and white are going to be popular this summer. Other ideas that are popular include neon pinks or other ultra bright colors.

Flowers like the Sunrise Calibrachoa, pictured right, can bring color variation to your garden as well as texture.

We hear that more homeowners want to see year-round color in their gardens and around their patios. This can be accomplished with a berry producing plant like a winterberry, Japanese kerria or oakleaf hydrangea.

Whichever colors you choose, plant them in abundance, for the fullest enjoyment.

Use brighter colors in lively areas, like patios. For serene areas where you might want to spend some time alone, go with whites, blues, or greens.

Liberty gardens are gaining ground, this spring. So you might want to go red, white and blue with the following annuals in those three colors. You might even want to plant them in the shape of the American flag.

Petunias, vincas and verbena, geraniums, lobelia and alyssum are available in patriotic colors. Use impatiens for any shady areas.

Here are some other popular color suggestions and varieties that will give your garden this splash of color:

  • Pink and purple or blue, like a Monet garden-gorgeous! – go with pink and blue or violet petunias; pink dianthus with blue verbena
  • Pink, blue, white and silver for a sleek, cool combination! – try pink petunias, blue lobelia, white impatiens and silvery dusty miller.
  • Yellow with purple/blue has a sunny, eye-catching appeal, get this effect with yellow marigolds and purple petunias or, melampodium and blue salvia.
  • Red, orange & yellow make a strong blaze of color when mixed together – red zinnias with orange and yellow marigolds will do the trick.
  • White and gold/lemon yellow look calm, cool and collected! It looks even better coming from white and lemon yellow petunias.
  • White, lemon and blue mix for a soothing palette – petunia “Liricashower” is available in blue, lemon yellow and white.
  • Pinks, apricots and peaches mixed together look warm and romantic, which can be accomplished with a mix of snapdragons or impatiens.

Container gardening is a great activity for kids. Decorate some plain terra-cotta pots with craft paint, and let the kids pick out a plant for their new pot. It makes a nice Mother’s Day present.