Trellises and Arbors

A trellis or arbor in your garden does much more than just provide support for climbing vines and roses. Mention a trellis though, and this is what springs to the mind of most gardeners. However trellises are not just those wooden fan shaped objects that we used to put up against our fence or house.

Today more gardeners are using all kinds of trellis work and garden arbors to add a focal point to a large garden or to transform a small drab area like a narrow walkway alongside their house.

What is a trellis?

A trellis can be any shape, size or material. Generally it is constructed from crisscrossed wooden slats called lattice or lathe but can just as easily be some type of metal work, or even resin. A trellis may be free-standing in your garden perhaps square or triangular, or it may be flat and designed to be mounted against a wall or fence. Its purpose may be functional, that is, to provide support for a climbing plant or rose, or it may be strictly for decorative purposes.

What is an arbor?

An arbor is a little like a doorway, generally constructed from lattice type material and provides an archway or entryway into an area of your garden, or may simply stand alone as a focus point in your yard. Providing an arbor gives one the delightful experience of entering through to another area in the garden as well as a place to showcase some beautiful climbing roses or vines.

Simple trellises and arbors can be constructed by most gardeners in a weekend and most home building supply centers sell ready made pieces of lattice that can be used to fashion your own design. However, if you plan to grow a long living or heavy vine of some type, you are wise to invest in some sturdy materials or even better, purchase a well constructed wooden or metal arbor or trellis.

Whatever material or style you decide on, remember that adding a trellis or arbor to your garden will bring beauty and interest, provide dappled shade, and of course serve as a charming support for your climbing vines and roses.