Sprinkler Systems

A well planned sprinkler system for your garden will save you water, time, energy and money! Sprinkler systems will deliver the correct amount of water to your lawn and garden whenever you want it and produce a lush lawn and healthy flower and vegetable gardens. No more dragging your hose all over the plants in your yard! When you install your own sprinkler system you can even deliver water to hanging baskets and container plantings too!

Lawn Sprinkler Systems

The roots of your grass are actually very shallow, generally between two and four inches deep. This means that your lawn will dry out quickly in hot weather and before you know it, you begin to see yellow and brown patches as your grass goes dormant. Light watering results in the penetration of water to only one or two inches which means that your lawn roots become even more shallow causing them to be even more susceptible to drying out. As well, the weeds that live in your garden often have deeper root systems and this means that they will continue to grow and thrive in the dryer conditions!

Flower and Vegetable Sprinkler Systems

The beauty of an automated sprinkler system is that you can adjust each sprinkler head for each individual plant or area. The shady moist areas need less water while the hotter dryer areas receive just the amount they need to thrive. Vegetables like cucumbers can get an even and regular amount of water preventing bitterness, while plants like tomatoes or squash that don’t like their leaves to get wet, can be watered from low mounted drippers.

As you investigate sprinkler systems you will find there are many different types available. Some require a lot of digging and professional installation, but there are systems that are much simpler that you can put together yourself in just a day.