Rose Care Produces Beautiful, Healthy Blooms

Growing healthy roses can be a challenge because of the special attention that roses require. Even in the best soils, roses need a constant supply of nutrients as well as protection from a variety of insects and diseases. Experts recommend feeding rose plants at least every 4 to 6 weeks and treatment of insects and diseases as soon as they appear.

In fact, a healthy rose plant is more likely to attract insects and diseases than a plant in need of water and nutrients. Aphids, Japanese beetles, spider mites, borers, mildew, black spot, and rust are just a few of the insects and diseases that can attack roses.

Fortunately, you can easily control these problems and properly feed your roses with disease control concentrate. This handy “two-pack” includes a balanced 8–12–4 time-release fertilizer that feeds for up to 6 weeks as well as a systemic triple–action aerosol spray that controls insects, diseases, and mites. And, it’s endorsed by the American Rose Society.

Other rose-growing tips:

  • Roses prefer soil that retains moisture – no sandy soils! The soil also needs to be deep enough to take the roses and hold the plant firmly. For great results, try garden soil for roses, which is enriched with bone meal to help promote healthy roots.
  • Although roses require a considerable amount of water for optimum performance, they cannot thrive in an area that doesn’t drain readily.
  • Water if rainfall doesn’t deliver an inch a week. And remember that roses are hungry feeders. If you want to feed them as you water, add water-soluble rose plant food and your roses will reward you with spectacular blooms.
  • Roses also require a considerable amount of sun, and morning sunshine is best. Plant your roses where they’ll get at least six hours of full sun.

Roses love sunshine. Choose a spot where they’ll get at least 6 hours of sun a day, particularly morning sun. Make sure air circulates freely around your planting area(–)don’t plant near large trees or shrubs or right next to the house.