Pond Supplies

Get all the pond supplies you need to build and create an enchanting and magical water feature in your garden.

Ponds and water gardens give your garden that special extra magic. Nothing is more charming than the addition of a beautiful garden pond to your yard. It’s easier than you think to build yourself and with the right supplies for your pond, you can create that serene watergarden of your dreams.

Together with a little planning and right supplies, your water garden will be a peaceful retreat to enjoy the beauty of your backyard. Add fish like koi or just wait and watch all the other wildlife that will visit and enjoy your beautiful garden pond. You may attract dragonflies, frogs, and even a curious duck now and then.

Use pond supplies like colorful water lilies, aquatic plants, and even koi

Don’t just stop with koi fish, pond plants are easy to grow and with the variety of water lillies and aquatic plants available today, you will soon be enjoying the exotic blooms so characteristic of water gardens.

It’s easy to get started. Plan your location to create and build then select the size and shape of your pond. Decide on the type of liner and then add a pond filter or pump if you plan to have fish. The merchants we have rated here have all the pond supplies you need, including detailed instructions on installation and set up.

If you like the idea of a water feature, but aren’t quite ready to commit to something as elaborate as building an entire pond, then consider making something smaller and easier. Try a patio pond by using a watertight pot or tub. Even an old rainbarrel becomes transformed when you simply add a liner and a water lily!