Planting Trees & Shrubs

Its extremely important to plant trees and shrubs at the proper time. Fall planting allows a tree’s roots to become established before winter arrives. The tree will then be able to withstand hot, dry spells the following summer. In cold regions, planting in spring may allow trees to establish more successfully.

Here are some general timing guidelines:

  • Container-grown trees: any time except during drought or cold spells
  • Deciduous bare-root trees: between mid-fall and mid-spring; avoid periods of severe cold
  • Hardy evergreens/hardy deciduous trees: mid-fall or mid- to late-spring
  • Half-hardy trees: mid-spring
  • Balled and burlapped trees: early- to mid-fall or mid- to late-spring

Ask your nursery for best planting times in your areas before bringing home any tree or shrub.

Preparing the site

Preparing the site in advance allows the soil to settle and minimizes delay between buying and planting a tree. Choose a well-drained site. Remove all plant growth in the immediate area to eliminate competition for nutrients, and water in the soil. For a step-by-step guide, see our project for planting trees.