Make a Window Box Garden

What you’ll need

  • Window box
  • Trowel

step 1: Put Up a Window Box

Buy or make a window box the same width as your window. It will be heavy, so make sure it’s firmly attached and supported. Drill holes in the bottom if it’s in a place where it can drip. If it overhangs a place where drips are not OK, place a water-tight tray in the bottom.

step 2: Fill the Box with Potting Mix

Fill the box with moisture control potting mix right to the top. After you water it once, the soil will settle to an inch below the edge.

step 3: Plant the Window Box

Plant with Miracle-Gro  plants. Select a few upright plants like cosmos or zinnia to smile in through the window. Around the edges, plant a trailer like sweet alyssum or trailing petunias to drape over the edge. Fill in the rest with a low, mounding flower like begonia or impatiens. For a stunning effect, select flowers with related colors, like pink and red or blue and lavender. For a cheerful look, pick one or two bright colors and surround them with white flowers.