Low Perennials

Low perennial plants grow to no more than 18 inches in height and are useful in the front of a border, for edging, or in front of taller, leggy plants. Those marked with an asterisk (*) have the additional quality of spreading by forming mats or trailing across the ground and are useful in beds or as ground covers.

Common Name Botanical Name
Aster Aster, some varieties
Basket-of-gold* Aurinia
Bergenia* Bergenia
Blanket flower Gaillardia
Blue plumbago* Ceratostigma
Carpathian harebell Campanula carpatica
Coralbells* Heuchera
Creeping baby’s breath* Gypsophila repens
Dwarf bearded iris* Iris, dwarf bearded
Evening primrose Oenothera
Feverfew Chrysanthemum parthenium
Geranium Geranium
Globeflower Trollius
Goldenstar* Chrysogonum
Hardy chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum hybrids, some varieties
Lady’s mantle* Alchemilla
Lamb’s ears* Stachys byzantina
Lungwort* Pulmonaria
Meadowsweet* Astilbe
Moneywort* Lysimachia nummularia
Moss pink* Phlox subulata
Pink* Dianthus
Plantain lily* Hosta
Primrose* Primula
Sea pink* Armeria
Siberian bugloss* Brunnera
Stonecrop Sedum
Wake robin Trillium grandiflorum
Wormwood Artemisia
Yarrow Achillea ptarmica
Yellow archangel* Lamiastrum galeobdolon
Blue lyme grass* Glymus arenarius
Dwarf blue fescue Festuca ovina ‘Glauca’
Hakone grass Hakonechloa macra*