Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

Grass may slow down its growth in late fall, but it still needs one more feeding before the season is over. During this time, your lawn is busy storing energy and establishing as much new growth as possible before winter dormancy. Therefore, it is an important time to provide a feeding to the lawn – one that is balanced with the proper mix of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. What your lawn needs is “Winterizer Fertilizer”.

Winterizing has several benefits. First, it strengthens grass roots for winter. At the same time, it extends the green color into cold weather, and it makes the lawn green up earlier next spring. By applying Winterizer, you help make sure your lawn is one of the last to turn brown before winter and one of the first to turn green in the spring.

“Winterizer Fertilizer” has the right amount of the three important elements a lawn needs:


Lawn grasses use nitrogen more than any other nutrient — it is what keeps grass green. Nitrogen affects the color, rooting and disease resistance of a lawn. Insufficient nitrogen also makes a lawn more prone to disease problems. Winterizer has the right amount of nitrogren for late fall.


Good turf has strong roots, and phosphorus promotes stronger roots. Its key role is in the storage and transfer of energy within the plant and root growth. Turf that is well fed with phosphorus will be more tolerant of diseases, heat, cold and drought. The lawn is preparing for winter and storing energy for next spring, and Winterizer will provide it with the right amount of phosphorus when applied in the late fall.


To help protect against disease and drought damage, your lawn needs a healthy supply of potassium. Potassium is a key against overall lawn stress. Tolerance to cold and traffic also is directly related to how much potassium your lawn recieves, and Winterizer contains a higher amount of potassium for that extra winter protection.

And if weeds are a problem, then late fall presents the ideal time to get rid of them. Why? Because weeds are actively growing in the fall, and weed products work best when weeds are actively growing. Second, stopping weed growth now means less weeds to deal with next spring.