Prepare lawn equipment for winter storage

When you have mowed the lawn for the last time before winter sets in, you should clean and prepare all of your lawn equipment for winter storage.

Clean and prepare the mower for storage

Fill the gas tank on your mower just enough to complete the last mowing. Afterwards, run the mower until it runs out of gas. If gasoline is left in the tank all winter, it will turn stale and collect water droplets from condensation.

Next, clean grass clippings from the underside and on top of the mower deck. Drain the oil, and remove the spark plug. Pour in a teaspoon of oil, crank the engine a few times to work it in, and return the plug. Lubricate all moving parts, tighten loose screws and store the mower in a safe place. (now may be a good time to take the blade to a shop to be sharpened to avoid the spring rush next season)

If your basement or garage floor gets wet during the winter, raise the equipment onto a small platform made from boards or a sheet of 1/2-inch plywood laid over several lengths of 2×4.

Clean the spreader

After you have applied winterizer to your lawn, you should prepare your spreader for storage. Simply clean the spreader with a hose, and spray off any remaining fertlizer particles, being sure to clean out the hopper and underneath the spreader. Wash your spreader with hot water to dissolve any caked-on material. When you’re done, wipe off excess water and let the spreader air dry. Next, oil bearings and any other sliding or rotating metal parts. On metal spreaders, wipe a thin coat of oil on the bottom of discharge ports.

Clean edgers and trimmers

Clean off grass and other debris from your edger and trimmer tools. Like your mower, run them until they are out of gas (if they are gas-powered) and disconnect the spark plug. Clean off any dirt and debris from you edger. Lubricate all moving parts and tighten any loose screws. Store the tools in a safe place until they are needed again next spring.