How I should maintain my rose tree?

A tree rose is a bush rose that’s been budded onto a 2-3 foot-high understock stem. They’re sometimes called standards. Caring for your tree rose is similar to the care of all roses. Make sure it gets sunshine all day long, stake the trunk to help support it, and cut the spent blooms off to encourage additional blossoms.

You should prune any errant growth as it appears, and trim annually to maintain the shape of your tree rose. When planting your tree rose, amend the soil with organic matter to help hold moisture and release nutrients to the roots.

Make sure the site is in full sunshine and that the soil is well-draining. After planting, make a well or basin around the trunk to help direct the water to the root zone. Apply mulch to help keep weeds down and to help hold moisture. When you water, water deeply to wet the entire root mass.

Feed your rose about 4 weeks after planting, and again every six weeks while it’s blooming. With the above care, your rose tree should produce an abundance of beautiful red blooms.