Herb Ground Covers

Some herbs make excellent ground covers, with many species, colors, and textures being available. Herbs suitable for use as ground covers are listed in Herbs for Ground Covers. Shade-tolerant ground covers, such as sweet woodruff, are useful around trees to keep the lawn mower and weed cutter away from fragile bark. The ground cover also acts as a mulch to retain moisture.

Planting mint and other rampant-growing herbs in a mowed lawn is a good way to keep the herbs under control. They will spread into the grass and not take over, although they should not be mowed too often or too low.

Whereas most ground covers are not able to withstand foot traffic, making them unsuitable as a lawn, herbs are an exception. Low-growing varieties of thyme and chamomile, for example, can be grown in large patches as a lawn substitute or in smaller patches as a “welcome mat” at entryways, in front of a garden seat, and between the beds of an herb garden. These herbs have periods of subtle bloom and take little if any mowing. As a bonus, they release delightful fragrance when walked on.