Greenhouses & Sheds

Use garden storage sheds and greenhouses as a beautiful way to add versatility and practicality to your garden!

If outdoor storage is important then consider a garden shed. Garden sheds today do more than just hold your garden tools and lawn equipment. There are so many unique garden shed styles and designs that you will find them a charming addition to your outdoor living area.

Decorate them, paint them, add flowering hanging baskets and even a weathervane to make them a feature in your back yard. A basic garden shed design can be converted into a cabana, poolhouse, workshop or even a children’s playhouse.

Try a greenhouse and extend your growing season and beautify your garden at the same time!

Wherever they live, most gardeners have dreamed of having their very own backyard greenhouse. Whether to grow an exotic orchid or harvest some delicious salad greens and tomatoes on a winter’s day, gardeners are rediscovering the beauty, practicality and fun of having their own greenhouses.

Whether you choose glass or plastic, a greenhouse will extend your gardening season by months. Greenhouses are a great way to begin your vegetable and flowers seeds early to produce flowers and veggies that are twice as big thanks to a real head start! There are dozens of greenhouse styles to choose from such as an elaborate Victorian model, simple lean-to’s or even tiny coldframes. Be sure to check our advice on greenhouses.