Fountains & Backyard Waterfalls

Use top quality fountain supplies to create the fountain feature or waterfall of your dreams right in your own garden!

Garden water fountains are an enchanting way to bring your garden to life! Add the sound and movement of water to bring tranquility and turns your garden into an private oasis. Butterflies, dragonflies and birds love the music of a trickling outdoor fountain or bubbling waterfall. Backyard waterfalls and outdoor water features are being installed by an increasing number of gardeners for the sheer delight and magic that they create in any garden, big or small!

Transform your garden with a water feature in one weekend!

Setting up a water feature or fountain in your garden is easy. You can transform an old fence or the side of a shed with a wall fountain, or tuck a fountain sculpture into a secret spot where visitors will hear its delightful splash before they see it. Just make sure that there is an electrical source nearby as virtually every type of fountain or backyard waterfall pump will need to be powered.

Add a fountain to your birdbath or pond and attract many new varieties of birds and wildlife. Even an old watertight tub or pot can become a charming landscape feature in a tiny garden with water trickling from it.

With a simple fountain pump and just a little effort, you can add a waterfall or babbling brook to your garden. Build one from scratch or use a kit. Either way you will be amazed at the transformation that a weekend of work and a little water will make in your yard.