Forcing Paper White Narcissus

What you’ll need

  • bulbs
  • container

step 1: Purchase bulbs

Paper white narcissus bulbs can be bought loose or as part of a pre-packaged forcing kit. Look for bulbs that are larger in size and firm.

step 2: Select a container

Select a shallow pot or bowl to grow your paper whites. Select a festive pot or one that matches your home. You may want to consider doing two planters of paper whites – this can be a wonderful hostess gift to take along to holiday gatherings.

You will also need gravel, marbles, or polished stones for the bottom of the container.

step 3: Planting

Place the gravel, marbles or polished stones in your container. You will want to fill the container almost to the top, leave about an inch of space from the fill to the rim of the container.

Add water to the container. Fill until the water is just below the top of the gravel, marbles or polished stones (whichever you used).

Place the bulbs, pointed side up, on the surface of the pebbles in the pot. Take care to make sure the bulbs are not touching the water. The bulbs should be close together but not touching. Once you have the bulbs positioned in the pot, add the remaining stones. Fill until just the top half of the bulbs show.

step 4: Store the container

Once the bulbs are in the container find a cool, dark location indoors to store the container. Check on the container to see that the water level remains the same. This environment will lead to root development.

step 5: Move container into the light

In about 7 to 10 days the roots of the bulbs should be developed. Shoots will have started to grow as well. At this time, move the container into a full-light, indoor location.The temperature should remain cool.

step 6: Bloom

Blooms should appear on your plants with in the next couple weeks. Keep the container in a cool location with plenty of sunlight. The cool temperature will keep your plant growing strong and help to deliver blooms just in time for the holidays!

step 7: Enjoy

Take time out from the busy holiday season to enjoy your beautiful indoor container plant.