Flower Bulbs

Get flower bulbs of every size, shape and color to keep your garden in beautiful bloom all year long!

Bulb flowers are generally divided into two types. Spring flowering, such as tulips, daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths, snowdrops are planted in the fall. These bulbs with their beautiful blooms announce the arrival of spring and bring life back to winter’s sleeping gardens. It’s no wonder that gardeners all over the world love to put their gardens to bed in winter by planting these flower bulbs that will awaken and bring colour and life back to their gardens in spring.

Flowers bulbs are some of the most delightful, easiest and most popular types of flowers to grow.

The other type of bulb flowers are the summer or fall flowering. These are types such as dahlias and begonias. Planted in spring, these flowering bulbs come in a spectacular array of colours, shapes and sizes and will turn your garden into a real showpiece. These bulbs will start blooming early in summer and keep right on until the frosts of winter set in. These flower bulbs are a little more tender than the spring flowering and need to be dug up each fall after their blooms have faded.

Overwinter them in a shed or basement, then divide them up and plant with a little handful of bonemeal when the ground is ready in spring and you will have season after season of gorgeous colour.