How to Choose a Lawn Spreader

Lawn fertilizers are typically sold in a granular form, and therefore need a spreader to apply them to the lawn. The type of spreader you use depends on the size of your lawn and your preferences. Choose a spreader with a large enough hopper to hold the amount of fertilizer it will take to cover your size lawn.

Rotary or drop spreader?

Drop spreaders drop fertilizer directly on the lawn, and generally the more accurate of the two choices. Rotary spreaders “throw” the fertilizer in a swath up to several feet wide and will get the job done quicker.

Choose a drop spreader if:

  • You have a small lawn
  • Doing the job as precisely as possible is most important to you
  • You don’t mind taking a bit longer to apply products to your lawn

Choose a rotary spreader if:

  • You have a very large lawn
  • You like to get the job done as quickly as possible
  • You do not have flower beds or gardens in the middle of your lawn