Dividing Perennials

What you’ll need

  • Shovel
  • Garden hose
  • Saw or hatchet
  • Garden fork
  • Tarp

step 1: Water

Water the plant you will be dividing and the area surrounding it very thoroughly a few days before you dig. This will make digging much easier.

step 2: Dig

Dig completely around and under the root ball and lift it out of the ground. Be sure to dig wide enough as not to damage the roots.

step 3: Divide

Throw the whole clump onto a tarp and shake off the excess dirt, again being careful not to damage the roots. Often the plant will divide naturally into sections. You may need to use spading forks, a saw, pruning shears, or hatchet to divide stubborn plants. Take care not to damage roots when dividing.

step 4: Prepare Soil

Mix some garden goil for flowers & vegetables with the excess dirt from the original root ball (which you gathered on the tarp). The enriched soil contains the right amendments and plant food to help the transplants get off to the right start.

step 5: Plant

Plant the newly divided perennials at the same depth as before. To help prevent transplant shock, add plant food when you replant the newly divided perennials. Share extras with gardening friends.

step 6: Water

Generously water in each new plant over a period of days until established in its new home.