Bird Houses

Put up bird houses, bird feeders and birdbaths in your garden to enjoy the beauty and delight of wildlife from your window.

Watch birds make nests and raise their families when you provide a birdhouse in your backyard. Different sizes and styles of bird houses will give you the greatest variety of birds. Leave out bits of coloured wool and soft scraps of cloth in early spring and you will find these expertly woven into the nests of birds when you clean out their houses in the fall.

You will be delighted with the endless variety or charming birdhouses that are available today. But be careful when choosing a birdhouse that it is suited to the type of bird you want to attract. Make sure the entry hole is the correct size or you may find that your friends have their nests raided by larger predatory birds!

Birder Feeders and Birdbaths bring hours of entertainment.

Provide different types of birdfeeders too and you will be thrilled with the winged visitors to your garden each day. Hummingbird feeders can be placed right on your window so that your family can observe these bold little birds visit for a sip of hummingbird food. Bird seed, suet, cut up fruit, will each attract chickadees, swallows, song sparrows, finches and robins to name a few. Place your bird feeders in a place where you can observe them discreetly and you will be entertained for hours as they vie for a turn at the feeder.

Birds love water too!

Provide a birdbath and you will be amazed at how many birds make your garden a regular stop. Watch them pause for a drink and then get right in and splash around. Birdbaths are as fun for the birds as they are to watch. They also love the sound of tricking water, so add a small pump or fountain to your birdbath and attract birds that could otherwise miss the fun. Some birds, like the hummingbird, prefer water misters and get their bath by just flying through a few times!

Try attracting bats and butterflies too!

Provide a bat house in a quiet corner of your garden and although you may not see the inhabitants too often, your plants will thank you when the bats rid your garden of pests and insects at night. Butterflies will be attracted by certain flowering plants and will be thankful for a tiny butterfly house to spend the evenings in safety as well. Think about providing solitary bee houses too. Great for added pollination in your garden.

If squirrels become a problem with your birdfeeders, you can try some of the squirrel proof feeders or if you give up, provide them with their own squirrel feeder! Squirrels will sit on the platform of squirrel feeder and nibble away until the next squirrel wants his turn.

Providing nesting, resting, feeding and water for the birds and wildlife in your garden will double your enjoyment of your garden as you share your outdoor space with these charming visitors.