About Roses

Gardeners often proclaim the rose “Queen of the Flowers.” Although different roses can perform many landscape functions, from groundcovers to hedges, they are best know for their glorious flowers and heavenly fragrance. Modern roses are available in almost any color, including flowers with more than one color and flowers that change from one color to another as they age.

Although the fragrance has been lost from many roses as breeders vie for new and better flower colors and form, hundreds or thousands are still available with the fragrance we associate with roses.

Roses can be found in an astonishing array of shapes, sizes and colors. A healthy rose bush will produce more than twice as many blooms as one that is improperly cultivated, so it’s well worth it to take extra care.

Roses have a reputation for being fussy, but the wide variety of types means that every gardener can find a rose that works in his or her garden.