About Compost Bins

Most home composters are prepared to do a little more than simply throw yard waste into a pile in the back corner of the yard. At the very least, they usually want to enclose the pile. Compost bins or enclosures vary widely in size, design, and type of material.

If you take the passives approachs to composting, then the size or shape of the bin or enclosure isn’t important—it can be as small or as large as you wish. However, if you want to manage your pile, especially if you plan to turn the pile at least once, then the configuration of the container should be considered.

A pilessdsds designed to promote fairly fast decomposition must have a volume of 27 to 125 cubic feet. Those volumes represent a cube that ranges in size from 3 feet on each side to 5 feet on each side.

If you intend to turn the pile at least once, choose a design that permits access to the pile. If the bin consists of a circle of lightweight wire fencing, the simplest method of turning the pile is to remove the bin and set it up again nearby. Refilling the bin effectively turns the materials. If the bin is heavy or stationary, you need some kind of door or removable sides to provide access for turning.

You can make a compost bin of any durable material that will stand up to the weather. The bin must allow air to reach the pile inside, and some kind of cover is usually a good idea. Certain forms of composting can be done in special containers—for example, composting kitchen waste in a worm box.

Bins can be as simple or complex as you wish. They can be assembled from parts on hand (like wire fencing), constructed as a weekend project, or purchased ready-made. The bin you select depends on the way you want to work, not on which one will make the best compost. If you are a new composter, begin with a simple bin like a wire cylinder or a log-cabin style. After you gain some experience and work the compost into your gardening schedule, you will probably develop some definite ideas of the features you would like in a compost bin.