When should I lime…and can I use lime when I use your products?

Liming is done to adjust the pH of soil. The pH of your soil should range between 5.5 and 7.5. If the pH is above or below this range, then grass plants have difficulty absorbing certain essential nutrients they need to thrive. When the pH falls below 5.5, then lime should be added to increase it. If your pH is over 7.5, then sulfur is added to reduce it. The ideal pH for grass plants is typically around 6.5.

The amount of lime that is needed will vary based on your pH level. To find out the amount you need to add, we recommend first conducting a pH test. Test kits can be purchased from local stores for a small charge. After you determine your pH level, we then suggest that you contact your agricultural extension agent. They are familiar with the soil types in your area and will be able to suggest the amount of lime you need to raise your pH to the optimal level. You can find the phone number for your county agricultural extension agent by looking in your phone book’s government listings for your county.

Applying lime does not interfere with any lawn products. Therefore, you can apply lime the same day you apply any  lawn product.