Types of Vegetable Gardens

Once you have a site in mind, you must decide what the garden should look like. Close your eyes and visualize the garden of your dreams. The image should give you real pleasure. Do you picture a trim and tidy Victorian row garden with scarecrows to fend off the birds? A plot with wide rows and wild combinations of vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers? Garden beds for food plants can take any form. You can have container gardens, vertical gardens, or in-ground row gardens or raised bed gardens.

There are as many approaches to laying out and preparing a food garden as there are gardeners. But keep in mind that the crops reflect the condition of the soil. Lay out the beds so that you do not pack the earth by stomping around where the plants are growing. Create beds you can reach from both sides. A vegetable row worked from both sides can be twice as wide as a bed accessible from only one side.