Tools for Vegetable Gardening

Every gardener needs a modest array of tools. To start, a shovel, hoe, rake, and something to deliver water to the site is about all you absolutely must have. Sooner or later you will accumulate a collection limited only by your enthusiasm. Tools make the job easier and save wear and tear on your body.

High-quality tools are worth the investment because they work well and last for years. Clean tools after each use to prevent rust, and sharpen seasonally. Here is a list of the basic garden tools.

File, sharpening stone, or diamond file To keep tools sharp.

Garden rake For breaking up large clumps of soil and raking the soil surface level and smooth.

Hoe For weeding, cultivating, and opening seed furrows.

Round-nosed shovel For digging large holes.

Scissors or pruning shears For harvesting.

Spading fork For double-digging and digging root crops such as potatoes.

Sprayer To apply fungicides and insecticides.

Trowel and garden claw For transplanting and scratching in side applications of fertilizer.

Water sources Garden hose, watering can, and soaker hose or sprinkler system.

Wheelbarrow or child’s wagon For carrying transplants, tools, and other items to the garden and for transporting garden debris to the compost site.