When And How To Water A Lawn – Lawn Watering Tips

More than 90% of a plant’s weight is water, so it is vital to replenish what’s lost or used each day. Regular watering is the most important way to maintain healthy plants, particularly under hot summer sun or climates. For best results:

  • Water in the morning — The best time to water is early morning or afternoon as the sun is setting; less water evaporates than during the mid-day heat. Avoid watering at night, as wet leaves are more susceptible to disease.
  • Water plants right after planting and frequently thereafter — Whenever the soil surface becomes slightly dry to the touch, its a good time to water thoroughly. In general, most plants prefer soil that is kept moist, not waterlogged.
  • Always water deeply so the water reaches the root zone — Shallow watering will result in shallow roots, which generally result in unhealthy plants that will not survive hot weather.

As a general rule, most lawns require about one inch of water per week from rain or sprinkling. But many people ask, “How long should I water to equal one inch?” Well, it depends on your water pressure and the type of sprinkler you choose — find out more by exploring the links below.

A few tips to keep in mind:

  • It’s best to water early in the day. You won’t waste water through evaporation, and watering at night puts your lawn at risk for developing mildew and fungus disease.
  • Don’t give your lawn a light sprinkling. This promotes shallow roots, and it may not even reach the soil, depending on how much you water.