What To Know About Grass Seed

All grass seed may look alike, but there’s a world of difference in results. And once the seed is sown, you have to live with the results for a long time — or else tear the lawn out and start over. So before purchasing grass seed, it’s wise to consider the following:

There’s no such thing as bargain grass seed. Buying grass seed by price is asking for trouble, because its often filled with unwanted weeds and grasses that create unsightly clumps in the lawn. The few additional dollars it costs to buy top-quality grass seed could well be the best investment you’ll ever make in the outside of your home.

Forget package size! It’s coverage and quality that count. Consider:

Exclusive blends and varieties —  top-performing blends offer maximum performance, and resistance to disease and other enemies that attack young grass plants as they mature. So fewer seeds are needed to get a great stand of grass.

Fewer immature seeds —  removes the immature seeds that produce weak plants … the ones that often die off in the first few weeks of life. Only the mature seeds are packaged, so less seeds are needed to produce a lawn.

Fewer empty hulls or filler —  seed undergoes vigorous cleaning to remove the empty seed cases, stems, and chaff. And Scotts never adds filler material as many other companies do to produce larger-size packages.

The seed you purchase for your lawn will depend on the amount of sun, geographic location, type of lawn you want and your personal requirements. Ask your local garden center professional for help in selecting the right grass seed for your project.