Mower Safety

Spring is right around the corner, which means that very soon we will be out mowing the lawn and enjoying the smell of fresh cut grass. So now is a good time to review some mowing safety tips.

Every year, thousands of Americans are sent to hospitals with injuries caused by lawn mowers. Below are some safety tips you should review to help make sure you don’t become an accident victim.

  • Before operating your mower, be sure you’ve read and understand the owner’s manual, which explains how to safely operate the mower.
  • Do not begin mowing until you have walked through the lawn and picked up any debris such as litter, sticks, rocks, kid’s toys and other objects which could be thrown from the blade.
  • Be sure all safety guards are in place. Keep hands and feet away from moving blades.
  • Store gasoline in a container approved by the Underwriters Laboratories. Always fill the mower’s gas tank in a well-ventilated area and away from ignition sources.
  • Always start and operate the mower outdoors. Never run a mower in an enclosed area where carbon monoxide can collect, such as in a garage or shed.
  • Avoid mowing on wet grass as you could easily slip and fall under the mower. And never use an electronically powered mower on wet grass.
  • Electronically powered mowers should only be used with an extension cord that is designed for outdoor use and rated for the needs of your mower.
  • Make any repairs or adjustments with the mower’s engine shut off, and always disconnect the spark plug when working under the mower’s deck (example: changing the blade or cleaning under the deck).
  • Wear shoes when mowing and be sure they have good traction. Do not mow the lawn barefoot or while wearing sandals.
  • Never leave a mower on if it will be unattended. Never allow children to play in the yard while you are mowing.
  • Don’t allow children on riding mowers.
  • After you are done mowing, keep children away from the lawn mower as the hot engine can cause a serious burn.
  • Never use your fingers to remove grass from lawn mower blades. The blades can be very sharp.