Lawn Sprinklers Guide

Lawn sprinklers are no longer just devices for watering your grass and garden. There are so many types of beautiful sprinklers available that you can even choose a sprinkler that doubles as a piece of garden art when it isn’t watering your yard!

Why Sprinkle?

Correct sprinkling is vital for keeping a lush green lawn and garden. The roots of your grass are actually very shallow; generally between two and four inches deep. So your lawn will dry out quickly in hot weather and before you know it, you begin to see those yellow and brown patches. Light watering results in the penetration of water to only one or two inches which means that your lawn roots become even more shallow and dry out even faster! The weeds that live in your garden generally have deeper root systems which means they will continue to grow and thrive in the dryer conditions.

Oscillating or Rotating Sprinklers

The standard type of portable sprinklers are generally variations of either the oscillating or the rotating style. The oscillating sprinklers produce a fan shaped spray of water that moves back and forth across your lawn. These can cover a good area, perhaps twenty by thirty feet, depending on your water pressure and the size of the sprinkler. The rotating style delivers water in an even round pattern usually between fifteen or twenty feet in diameter, again depending on water pressure. Most gardeners will use a combination of the two depending on what size and shape the area to be watered is. (or in some cases, what their children prefer to run through!)

When should you sprinkle?

Probably the best time to sprinkle your lawn or garden is early in the morning. That way less water is lost to evaporation during the heat of the day. Some gardeners like to use their sprinkler at night although there is more chance of disease when cooler night air and trapped moisture can encourage mildew and other lawn problems. However it’s better to sprinkle whenever you remember rather than having your lawn and garden go without water because you forgot to put the hose on!

Investing in at least one good quality sprinkler is essential to keeping your backyard looking its best.