Benefits of Manual Reel or Push Mowers

The more you learn about manual reel or push mowers the more you wonder why anyone would use anything else! In the last ten years, sales for reel mowers have doubled as more and more gardeners are discovering the benefits of these ‘old-fashioned’ push style lawn mowers.

Why get a Reel Mower?

  • One of the nicest things about reel mowers is that they are quiet! The only sound you here is the gentle whirring sound of the blades as the mower is pushed along. No more disturbing the neighborhood with your loud power lawn mower.
  • Reel mowers are safer! They have revolving cutters not rotary which means there is less chance of objects being thrown out by the blades.
  • Because of the revolving cutters, reel mowers distribute the grass clippings more evenly along your lawn instead of producing big clumps of grass that need raking as in the case of rotary power mowers. Many types of reel mowers do come with bagging attachments if you are very particular about your grass clippings.
  • Better cuts! Reel mowers make a much finer and more even cut to the grass. This is because of the action of the revolving blades. A rotary blade just whacks the top off the grass whereas the blades in a push mower have a kind of gobbling up action that produces a very smooth even, golf green type of cut.
  • So easy to use. You can forget about trips to the gas station for gas, or dragging out the electrical cord for the electric mower. With a reel mower, you just wheel it out and you are ready to mow.
  • Lighter weight. Reel mowers today aren’t like the rusty old heavy things that your grandparents used to have. Better construction with light weight metals mean that they are much easier to push.
  • Less expensive. A good quality reel mower can start anywhere from $150 to $300, less than half the cost of a power mower. Plus no more trips to the repair shop either.

Aren’t there any drawback at all?

Yes, there are a few things to keep in mind when you are considering a manual push mower. First of all they don’t like tall weeds or tall grass. You will need to keep your lawn trimmed regularly or the blades will just roll right over the lawn without cutting it. Secondly, they don’t like wet lawns. You need to make sure your lawn is dry before using your reel mower on it. Finally make sure that your lawn is free from debris. Reel mowers can get stuck on little twigs and you’ll have to pull them out to unjam the blades.

All in all if you are committed to your lawn, manual push mowers are definitely the way to go.