I noticed my lawn has a spot in it that wasn´t there before. What is it and how do I get rid of it?

The problem you are experiencing with your lawn isn’t simple to solve, as it could be one of several things causing the browning/yellowing in your lawn: dog damage, insect damage, fungus/disease, overapplication of a fertilizer/control product or lack of watering. The browning/yellowing may even be due to two or more of these problems aggravating one another.

One option is to contact your local County Extension Agent with a description of the problem. They have all of the resources of your state’s agricultural university at their disposal and are more familiar with the current problems facing homeowners in your specific area of the country. They often have people to assist with diagnosis.

Another option is to take a small sample, or a photo, of the affected area to a reputable nursery. Once the problem has been properly diagnosed, then find the appropriate treatment solution on our site.