I have moles in my yard. Does that mean I have a grub problem?

Many people assume that the presence of moles in their lawns mean that grubs are also present. Consequently, insecticides are applied. Application of insecticides will not solve the mole problem, however, as insects and grubs are not the primary target of the moles. The “main entree” of the mole is actually earthworms. Moles actually eat more than their own weight in earthworms on a daily basis. Elimination of earthworms is not practical.

Contrary to what you may hear, moles do not eat bulbs, roots or small pets. Mole activity is common year-round. Moles are usually active near the surface of the soil in the spring and fall. However, the rest of the year they are busy making tunnels 6-24 inches under the surface. The most effective method for getting rid of moles is to kill them or buy traps.